Anonymous asked: Dear Sarah - While out with clients a party, I was offered $100 to show my breasts. These were very important clients and we were very close to finally closing a big deal. I would be totally cool showing them, but I wasn't sure if that was appropriate. What do you suggest I do?

Dear Breasts,

There are two important company policies to think about in this situation that will influence the correct course of action.

  1. The company has a policy limiting gifts that can be given or received between company employees and clients or potential clients. Your breasts are obviously categorized as “gifts” for this situation. The company does have a maximum $50 limit on gifts, so please adjust your cost accordingly to $50 or less to be in line with policy.
  2. The company is very serious about actions that lead to the closing of a deal under immoral circumstances. As a result, bribery with sexual conduct is only appropriate with clients that you have previously done business with and only if the deal closes within 1 week of the offer.

As usual, please remember to document all transactions in SAP for the finance team.

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